Ooh Baby Baby’

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    If FRIENDS and LISTS boxes don't appear - it's 'cos you haven't yet put anything in them!

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    Hello there. Can you help me fix the problem in this template? I've customized it a lil' bit (adding page nav, newer post-older post in the mainpage which is so important for my blog), but whenever I used it, the page only shown the title of the posts instead of those similar to the main page (picture thumbnails, summary etc). What can I do to make the next/previous pages appear like in the mainpage. Thx. Looking forward for your respond.

    Peramburkumar says

    good post

    Anonymous says

    Wonderful template I must say. However can you please add a three or four column footer to it and re-upload the modified xml file....

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    Nice Templates

    Admin says

    Cool coool coooll.. ~~ :)

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    Abdul Awal says

    Cool template but the sidebar is not. It would be nice if background image of sidebar is removed.

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    Nancy mahmed says

    Deus te abençoe, visite o meu blog e sentimos muito pela inconveniência

    Pak Sam says

    very good,,,

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